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Everyday transportation from airports/cities in the region (Belgrade, Budapest, Timisoara, Zagreb) to Novi Sad and back. Air-conditioned vehicles (cars, minivans, buses), departures adjusted to passengers, door-to-door transfers, safety seats for children… SHARED and PRIVATE transfers. ONLINE RESERVATIONS

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Every day guaranteed shared transportation from Budapest city/airport, to Serbian cities Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, and reverse. Modern, comfortable and air conditioned vehicles, safety seats for children. Reservations are required at least 2 days (48h) in advance. We provide two kind of transportation:

From/to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica From/To: NOVI SAD SUBOTICA BEOGRAD
1 way ticket Round-trip ticket Car (4+1) 140 € 140 € 200 €
25 € 50 € Van (8+1) 200 € 200 € 200 €
Price is per person. Price is per vehicle, one way.

One way 25€, round-trip (both directions) 50€. Price is per person, regardless of the total number of passengers. Departures are guaranteed, but not fixed - we adjust it to the needs and flights of passengers. For incoming flights (arriving to Budapest airport), after flight's arrival transportation starts is in no more than 90 minutes after (in period 11:01 - 00:59 next day). Our representative (phone +36705047240) is welcoming passengers at Budapest airport arrivals hall, holding a board "Autoturist" or "Terra travel" - you can not miss him! After passengers arrival, departure will be as soon as posible, but in no more than 90 minutes (if your flight does not late more than 60 minutes). Welcoming passengers ar Budapest airport starts at 10:00, so for arrival before 10:00 please call our representative and wait for him at Budapest airport (we advice you to be around "Camden food" restaurant at 2A Terminal, or by Exchange office at 2B Terminal).
For departures from Budapest city we pick up passengers from the address of their choice (if possible). After that there may be some pick-ups at Budapest airport, but it does not take a long. For Budapest city pick up please call our representative in Budapest (phone +36705047240) around 9h for up to 12:30 pick-ups or around 14h for up to 23:59 pick-ups.
For outgoing flights (leaving from Budapest airport) we bring each passenger to the Budapest airport at least 2-3 hours before flight's departure - precise pick up time we provide 1 day in advance around 15 - 19h.

• From BUDAPEST AIRPORT - departures are 3-6 times every day, in period from 12:01 up to 00:59 (usually, but not fixed  - around 12:30, 15:30, 19:30 and 23:59) - even after midnight, if needed. After arrival of flight, transportation starts in no more than 90 minutes after passengers arrival.
• From BUDAPEST city (from the address of your choice), departures are 3-6 times every day, in period from 12:30 up to 23:59 (usually, but not fixed  - around 12:30, 14:30, 18:30, 22:00 and 23:59) - even after midnight, if needed

FROM SERBIA TO BUDAPEST, departures are every day, 3-6 times a day:
• From Belgrade (usually around 02h, 05h, 08h and 21h) - door-to-door, from the address of your choice,
• From Novi Sad (usually around 03h, 06h, 10h and 23:30h) - from parking space by the Train station, "Old Locomotive",
• From Subotica (usually around 01:00h, 04:30h, 07:30h, 13:00h) - from parking space of hotel Patria.
As reservations are required in advance, we practice to contact each one passenger 1 day before, to confirm precise pick up time.
If it is transfer to Budapest airport, we guarantee that passenger will be at the airport at least 2-3 hours before flight's departure. If it is a transfer to Budapest city, we guarantee that passenger will be on time as it was asked for. Our guarantee is off in case of unpredictable situations during transportation, but do not worry, our passengers are on time their flights.

Private rent-a-drive (car/minivan/van with driver), without adding other passengers, completely adjusted to wishes/needs of passengers, door-to-door... The price is expressed per vehicle in one way, completely by highway